Bottom-Line Training provides unique, targeted workshops focused on
developing and improving the selling skills of your Sales Engineers (SEs) --
also called Applications Engineers, Systems Engineers, Solution Consultants,
etc. -- and will ultimately improve your company's bottom-line. Our focus is to
elevate the skills Sales Engineers selling high end software or hardware need
to be successful and help your company thrive.

Our comprehensive workshops teach your SEs how to be more effective at all
the sales related activities of their job: demos, presentations, benchmarks,
evaluation support, discovery, qualification, and more.

We are not one of the many generic sales skills training companies that only
focus on the needs of the sales rep. (Although we do complement any existing
sales training programs you may be using. We also partner with a top-notch
company who provides complementary training for your sales reps if you are
in need.) Our programs focus on the SE's skills requirements and teach easy
to remember and structured techniques that enable them to quickly and
sustainably implement the methods learned.


Our Practices

We believe in providing training programs that:

Get results for clients
Impact the client's bottom-line
Are engaging, dynamic, and fun
Maximize learning and retention
Are of the highest quality
Provide over ten times their value
Are guaranteed

About Our Logo

Bottom-Line Training represents the change in perspective we give to Sales Engineers. We turn your Sales Engineers from task oriented to results oriented
so they know how to spend their time to help your business grow.

The letters BLT and their colors are a play on the sandwich and represent the
bottom-line needs of people. The sandwich covers most of the major food
groups you need to thrive: Meats (bacon). Vegetables (lettuce), Fruits (tomato
- yes it is a fruit), and Grains (bread). For the nutritionists out there, the only
missing food group is Dairy. But many people are lactose intolerant so we
selectively add the cheese. Our training will supply your Sales Engineers with
mental nourishment to thrive and will give them the knowledge they need to
take a big bite out of your competition.

Rob Garneau, Founder

Rob has over 30 years of high-tech industry sales experience with the subjects
taught in this program, over 18 years of sales skills teaching experience, and
brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom.

Prior to starting Bottom-Line Training, Rob worked for Cadence Design
Systems for 17 years. Cadence was a small company with less than 100
employees when Rob joined. He was one of the original 4 Applications
Engineers in the Western US and helped build the company into the leader in
the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry with revenues in excess of
one billion dollars. He understands the EDA software industry and the issues
important to customers in detail. His hands-on experience includes working as
an Applications Engineer (AE) through Senior Sales Technical Leader, Sales AE
Manager, Business Operations Manager, and Senior Development Manager
responsible for sales and demo skills development and training of the
worldwide sales AE organization of over 400 people.

Prior to working for Cadence Rob worked for Applicon for 3 years - a leading
supplier of MCAD and EDA software products.

Rob earned a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from
UC Berkeley and graduated with honors.

Rob capitalized on the soft skills training offered while at Cadence and
attended 29 classes during his tenure there--10 of those classes were sales
skills focused. He developed and taught Sales Engineering skills for 7 years at
Cadence before starting Bottom-Line Training. As a result of Cadence's
investment in their employees, they grew from a small, private company to
the number one, public company in the EDA industry during Rob's tenure.

Rob has delivered Sales Skills training around the world to Sales Engineers
from all technology disciplines and has received
critical acclaim.

Peter Thalmeir, Vice President Learning and Development

Peter has over 20 years of high-tech industry experience in several roles, such
as Sales Engineer, Sales Engineering Director, Training delivery, Product
Management, and Sales.

Prior to joining Bottom-Line Training, Peter worked with iBwave for 11 years.
iBwave was a start-up company with less than 20 employees when Peter
joined. He was the first Sales Engineer outside the North American market and
helped build the company to become the industry leader. At iBwave, Peter
excelled as a Sales Engineer and SE Director, built Sales Engineering Teams
all over the world, headed the Training & Certification department, and
developed and delivered numerous training and Certification sessions to
excellent reviews. Before iBwave, Peter also worked in the Wireless Software
Industry where he became an expert in the industry.

While at iBwave, Peter got the opportunity to attend and coach the training
delivered by Rob from Bottom-Line Training. He worked with Rob to customize
the workshop to meet the specific needs of iBwave, performed role play
demonstrations, participated in the workshop, and coached colleagues and
team members. Peter left thoroughly impressed as did the rest of the team
who provided rave reviews.  As a result of the training,  Peter saw a
substantial increase in revenue in his team, combined with reduced sales
cycles and demos, thus saving a lot of Sales Engineering time and cost
involved in selling.

To capitalize on the skills he adopted and polished in his previous careers and
to pursue his passion to help others’ excel, after Peter stopped working with
iBwave, he contacted Rob to join the Bottom-Line Training team. Peter is now
happy to excite Sales Engineers to drive business results just as he got excited
when he received the training from Bottom-Line Training.

Peter earned a Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the
University of Kempten in Germany (Fachhochschule Kempten).

John Gill, Vice President of Sales

John Gill is a senior sales professional with over 25 years’ experience in
business-to-business markets, principally telecommunications, IT and business
services such as learning & development.

He has worked for international companies like Telstra, Canon and IBM
partners in Europe where he succeeded in increasing sales to large and SME
accounts, the private and public sectors, in both existing and new business
contexts. He has held roles such Account Manager, New Business Development
Manager, International Key Account Manager and Sales Manager. John has
excelled, due to a high level of knowledge and expertise, both in strategic and
tactical terms. He is particularly competent in understanding and evaluating
client propositions and competitive advantages, and then being able to execute
effective market entry and new business winning actions.
John has an MBA from Henley Business School, UK and a Diplôme Spécial d’
Etudes Françaises from Université Montpellier 3, France

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