Bottom-Line Boosting
Sales Skills Workshop

How you interact with your customer, the questions you ask, the tactics you employ,
and how you present and sell your solutions are as important as knowing the
capabilities of your products. Sales Engineers (also called many other titles including
Applications Engineers, Systems Engineers, Solution Consultants, etc.) are often adept
at the technical details of your products due to years of engineering focused training
yet most get little training to improve their sales skills to motivate your prospects to
buy quickly or at all.

This lack of skills training results in a sales approach where the Sales Engineers (SEs)
fall into their comfort zone of telling your customers about your products, reacting to
their demands, and hoping for a sale. Too often that approach leads to a lengthy and
costly sales cycle where your resources are tied up supporting a customer evaluation
or Proof-Of-Concept (POC).

Seasoned Sales Engineers know there is a much better way.

This complete workshop is a comprehensive program that will improve the
productivity and effectiveness of your Sales Engineers and will produce results that
directly improve your company's bottom-line. Sales Engineers will learn easy to
remember and apply techniques that will make them more adept at all the sales
related activities they perform on a daily basis: discovery, qualification, demos,
presentations, benchmarks, evaluations, POCs, and more.

SEs will learn how to expedite sales and win more by getting away from the less
effective "selling=telling" reactive approach and focusing more on the customer's
needs and their buying and decision making process.

High level topics include:

Why and how to uncover and develop customer needs
Persuasive demo/presentation skills
Winning with (and without) benchmarks, evaluations, POCs, or trials

What You'll Learn

Repeatable techniques to organize your thought process throughout the sales
cycle to help ensure each customer interaction advances you towards a
business relationship

The importance of focusing on your customer's needs before talking about your
products to get buy in and commitment on a new and better way of selling

Questioning methods to fully identify the customer's needs, uncover previously
unknown needs, and develop those needs into a motivation to take action

To articulate how your solution solves the customer’s challenges in ways that
help your customer understand the compelling value of buying your solution

How to differentiate your solution and beat your competition

How to win over your prospect with a targeted, skillful demo or presentation

Proficient demo/presentation techniques – compelling presentation skills,
effective handling of questions and objections, how to deal with a crash, and

How you might convince your customer to purchase your solution without the
need for a costly and lengthy evaluation (or POC) of your products

When to engage in an evaluation/POC and procedures to plan, manage, and
execute to improve your rate of success and shorten time to win new business

How to navigate your customer's organization - understand your customer
roles, identify and involve decision makers, and cultivate relationships to
develop customer allies

Five sales strategies and how and when to apply each of them to defeat your

Customer engagement and prioritization skills to win more business in less time

Course Outline

I.   Bottom-Line Boosting Sales Skills Lecture/Discussion
 A) Preparing for success
    1. What not to do and why - Spray & Pray
    2. Aligning selling cycle to customer's buying cycle
    3. Three key selling concepts
    4. How to identify, uncover, and develop customer needs
    5. The Central NeRV System of selling
    6. How to understand your customer and their challenges
    7. Five sales strategies & how to differentiate from your competition
    8. Ensuring the right people are involved and focusing on their circle of concern
    9. Maximizing your chance of success
   B) Influencing your customer with a solution demo/presentation
    1. The secret to getting started on the right foot
    2. Maximizing customer understanding and retention
    3. How to effectively structure your message for success
    4. Improving your technique and style
    5. When and how to do a webcast demo
    6. How to deal with a crash
    7. How to handle objections
    8. How to control a heckler
   C) Discovering the impressions
    1. What to do after the demo/presentation is completed
   D) Winning benchmarks/evaluations
    1. How to win business without a costly evaluation or benchmark
    2. Deciding to engage and prioritizing your valuable time
    3. Become an MVP - Craft an unbeatable strategy
    4. How to develop a winning plan
    5. How to execute and win

II.   Labs/exercises
    A) Compose effective questions to identify/uncover/develop customer needs
    B) Discovery meeting role play using Central NeRV System
    C) Demo preparation exercises - Refine your customer scenario and message to be presented in your demo exercise
    D) Demonstration (or presentation) workshop - Deliver a short customer demo
    or presentation to your peers and receive constructive and honest feedback
    E) Practice your response to customer request for evaluation software

Key Skills Emphasis

The ability to enlighten your customer with a targeted software demonstration that hits
the heart of their challenges, stresses the value of your solution, and establishes why
your solution is better than the competition’s embodies one of the most important
skills Sales Engineers can develop. It is usually the first look your customer has at
your solution and first impressions are vital. An exceptional demo can significantly
reduce the length of your costly sales cycle. It can mean the difference between
quickly generating profitable business for your company and handing the business to
your competition.

What is the impact of losing one business opportunity due to a suboptimal demo? It
can be hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars of lost business opportunity. And
you often don’t get a second chance.

Hands-on Learning

The instructor ensures learning through engaging the participation of all students with
very interactive presentations and exercises.

The last day of the course is dedicated to giving the SEs the opportunity to exercise
and internalize the skills they learned in the class by presenting a demo or
presentation to their peers who pose as their customer. This course has a pre-work
assignment where each attendee is required to prepare a short demo or presentation.
They will present that demo during the workshop and receive honest, constructive
feedback on how they might improve. Teaching is one of the best forms of learning
and students will also fortify their skills by providing feedback to others. Learning is
further reinforced by providing each student a videotape of their demo and feedback
for their personal review.

Target Audience

The workshop caters to all sales engineers including marketing representatives who
are involved in the sales process. Technical content is not a focus so engineers
involved in any technical discipline will learn valuable skills. Since everyone has room
to improve on and polish their sales and presentation skills, the course has been very
highly regarded by both new SEs and experienced SEs.

Course Logistics

The standard class is 2.5 days or we can create a custom program tailored to your
needs. The recommended class size is 8 to 16 people. Small class sizes provide a
more personal and valuable learning experience by increasing the participation and
interactivity of the class.

The class is usually taught on-site at your facility. This provides several advantages:

The course can be customized as needed to meet your specific requirements

Facilitated discussions are more valuable as they can contain proprietary
information such as high level details about how to differentiate your products
and company, or job responsibilities in your organization and how to get things

Save travel expenses since local students don't have to travel

Students use your facilities during the demo/presentation exercise giving them
a more realistic and valuable learning experience

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What You'll Learn
Course Outline
Key Skills Emphasis
Hands-on Learning
Target Audience
Course Logistics