Bottom-Line Focused
Evaluations & Benchmarks

Evaluations and Benchmarks (proof of concepts) are the most resource intensive
methods of selling your solutions, delay new business, and drive up your cost of sales.
Sales Reps are usually compensated on revenue alone and often don't pay as much
attention to the judicious use of the precious and costly Sales Engineer resources as
they should. It is for these reasons that we teach your SEs how to team with the sales
reps to explore cheaper and quicker alternatives for winning over your prospects.
When evaluations or benchmarks are appropriate, your SEs will learn how to eliminate
"evaluation creep" and minimize time to closure by developing and executing a
winning plan.

This seminar is a subset of the complete
Bottom-Line Boosting Sales Skills Workshop

What You'll Learn

How you might convince your customer to purchase your solution without the
need for a costly and lengthy evaluation (or proof on concept) of your products

When to engage in an evaluation and procedures to plan, manage, and execute
evaluations to improve your rate of success and shorten time to win new

How to navigate your customer's organization - understand your customer
roles, identify and involve decision makers, and cultivate relationships to
develop customer allies

Five sales strategies and how and when to apply each of them to defeat your

How to differentiate your solution and beat your competition

Customer engagement and prioritization skills to win more business in less time

Course Outline

I.   Bottom-Line Focused Benchmarks & Evaluations Lecture/Discussion
    A) How to win business without a costly evaluation or benchmark
    B) Deciding to engage and prioritizing your valuable time
    C) Become an MVP - Craft an unbeatable strategy
    D) How to develop a winning plan
    E) How to execute and win

II.   Labs/exercises
    A) Practice your response to customer request for evaluation software
    B) Develop an evaluation plan for one of your customers

Key Skills Emphasis

What is the impact of losing one ill advised or poorly executed software evaluation? In addition to the loss of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars of business
opportunity, your cost of sales increases, and your precious AE resources are tied up
without reward.

You'll learn how to win more business without engaging in the costly and time
consuming frontal strategy. When an evaluation makes sense, you'll learn how to
improve your win rate and reduce time to closure.   

Hands-on Learning

The instructor ensures learning through engaging the participation of all students with
very interactive presentations and exercises.

Target Audience

The workshop caters to all sales engineers including marketing representatives who
are involved in the sales process. Further benefit will be recognized by including your
sales reps in this program to ensure effective teamwork and better results. Technical
content is not a focus so engineers and sales reps involved in any technical discipline
will learn valuable skills. Since everyone has room to improve on and polish their
sales skills, the course benefits both new and experienced customer facing employees.

Course Logistics

The standard class is one half day or we can create a custom program tailored to your
needs. The recommended class size is 8 to 16 people. Small class sizes provide a
more personal and valuable learning experience by increasing the participation and
interactivity of the class.

The class is usually taught on-site at your facility. This provides several advantages:

The course can be customized as needed to meet your specific requirements

Facilitated discussions are more valuable as they can contain proprietary
information such as high level details about how to differentiate your products
and company, or job responsibilities in your organization and how to get things

Save travel expenses since local students don't have to travel

Students use your facilities during the demo/presentation exercise giving them
a more realistic and valuable learning experience

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Key Skills Emphasis
Target Audience
Course Logistics
Hands-on Learning