EMPOWERING Sales Engineers to
Your Challenges

Our Sales Engineers don't focus enough on the
customer's needs and too often resort to the
ineffective "spray and pray" approach to selling.

Sales Engineers are reactive, don't focus enough on
driving the sale towards a business relationship, and
sales cycles are long.

SEs don't add enough value in customer
qualification meetings. Consequently, some
customer's needs and resultant business
opportunities may be overlooked.

Our demos are lackluster, often look like product
training or feature dumps, and lack persuasion. We
don't close many sales with a demo.

Many deals require a lengthy and costly product
evaluation (proof of concept) to close. We often
resort to this costly and time consuming frontal
sales strategy.

Evaluations are often not well planned and too often
grow in scope, time, and resource requirements.
We're losing some deals we could win.

Pooled SEs sometimes react to the sales rep that
corrals their time and don't always work on the right
account or tasks to drive revenue. SEs don't know
how to best allocate their time.

I don't have enough SEs or they're not working to
their potential. I don't have budget to hire.

SEs don't feel like we are investing in their
development. As a result, motivation is lacking or
turnover is too high.

Would you like to get more done and improve results with
the resources you have? You can!

Our Solution

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“The net result of having Rob at
Bottom-Line Training is that our
team are able to demonstrate
customer value quicker and
better. Rob's training was
extremely well thought out and
helped me and the rest of the
team look critically at the way
we currently work and find
improvements. With both new
and experienced team members
there was something for
everyone, and it was valuable all
round. I would recommend Rob
to everyone, and would consider
him strongly for future courses."

Greg Holmes,
Sr. Sales Engineer
Flexera Software
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