Custom Workshop to Target Your Needs

Since all customers are not alike in their requirements, we recommend that you have
it your way. Select from the topics available in the complete
Bottom-Line Boosting
Sales Skills Workshop and we'll create a custom program that targets the specific
needs of your organization.

Bottom-Line Boosting Sales Skills Workshop

This complete workshop is a comprehensive program that will improve the
productivity and effectiveness of your Sales Engineers (Applications Engineers,
Systems Engineers, Solution Consultants, etc.) and will produce results that directly
improve your company's bottom-line. Sales Engineers will learn easy to remember
and apply techniques that will make them more adept at all the tasks they perform on
a daily basis: discovery, qualification, demos, presentations, benchmarks, and
evaluation support. SEs will learn how to expedite sales and win more by getting away
from the less effective "selling=telling" approach and focusing more on the customer's
needs and their buying and decision making process.


The following courses are subsets of the complete workshop above:

Bottom-Line Targeted Demo Skills Workshop

The ability to deliver a targeted software demonstration that hits the heart of your
customer’s challenges, establishes the value of your solution, and shows why your
solution is better than the competition’s embodies one of the most important skills
Sales Engineers can develop. It is usually the first look your customer has at your
solution and first impressions are vital. An exceptional demo can significantly reduce
the length of your costly sales cycle. It can mean the difference between quickly
generating profitable business for your company and handing the business to your


Bottom-Line Focused Evaluations & Benchmarks

Evaluations and Benchmarks are the most resource intensive methods of selling your
solutions, delay new business, and drive up your cost of sales. Sales Reps are usually
compensated on revenue alone and often don't pay as much attention to the judicious
use of the precious and costly Sales Engineer resources as they should. It is for these
reasons that we teach your SEs how to team with the sales reps to explore cheaper
and quicker alternatives for winning over your prospects. Your SEs will learn when an
evaluation or benchmark is appropriate, and how to eliminate "evaluation creep" and
minimize time to closure by developing and executing a winning plan.


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