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"I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with Rob last week attending his
custom Sales Engineers workshop. The course was hugely valuable & we all came
away with a tremendous toolbox of skills that we can use in practical terms to make
our roles more efficient in a wide range of situations. Rob was a sales engineer in a
previous life (so knows the pain points first hand!) & has an innate sense for balance
between presentation, exercise & discussion elements of teaching to hold the attention
of the delegates. One of many elements that impressed me was the time Rob took to
prepare & understand our (complex!) business before the course - it really felt like a
tailored fit course. I'd highly recommend forward thinking companies who value
investment in their team to hire him - you'll not regret it."
Ben Geach, Solutions Engineer EMEA,

“The net result of having Rob at Bottom-Line Training is that our team are able to
demonstrate customer value quicker and better.
Rob's training was extremely well thought out and helped me and the rest of the team
look critically at the way we currently work and find improvements. With both new and
experienced team members there was something for everyone, and it was valuable
all round.
I would recommend Rob to everyone, and would consider him strongly for future
courses. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert”
- Greg Holmes, Sr. Sales Engineer,
Flexera Software

“Working as a technical software sales professional for 10+ years, Rob's custom pre-
sales training course is the single most relevant and valuable course I have ever had!
First it consolidated all the on-the-job tidbits about software selling into an easy-to-use
structured approach.
Second it provided key concepts such as purpose/process/payoff and NeRV that I use
now with every customer engagement.
Finally, the training course provided a 'safe' environment to practice and learn what
was taught. What was particularly invaluable was the vast experience Rob could bring
and the insights he provided to improve your technique.
If there are ways I could work with Rob again, I would be happy to do so!”
- Ganesh Sethuraman, Automotive Director, AP Solutions Center,
Siemens PLM

"Rob provided a straightforward approach that increased the value and productivity of
the AEs who support my territory at Mentor.  Having 'walked in their shoes' for many
years, Rob knows exactly where to focus time and energy and helped to alleviate
many of the resource drains typically encountered during our technical sales
campaigns.  I recommend Bottom-Line Training to maximize your sales / AE impact in
the field."
- Steve Flanery, Area Sales Manager,
Mentor Graphics

"The new information in the lectures opened my mind to new ways of thinking about
customer interactions. The exercises hammered home to me the real value of the new
ideas and also reinforced many older ideas I had heard before. The class helped me
put those ideas to work with my customers."
- Jonathan David, Senior AE,
Cadence Design Systems

"The workshop Rob taught was much better than previous sales training I had
attended before. Rob's class was more focused on the responsibilities of the AE and I
learned how I can increase my contribution to the sale using more than my technical
ability. I feel prepared now to help with what I previously considered sales functions."
- Shawn Hurt, Applications Engineer,
Sonics Inc.

"Rob delivered Bottom-Line Boosting Sales Skills Workshop for many of our
Application Engineers, both new and experienced. I was impressed with his classroom
style and the real-world experience he brought to his training. He worked with our AEs
to change their focus from just hands-on technical work to understanding our
customers' needs and delivering effective demonstrations of our product. The class
brings together many good ideas in a structured, easy to remember, and easy to
apply way. Our AEs are given plenty of opportunity to practice and internalize the
skills and receive valuable feedback from the instructor."
- Edward Reilly, World Trade Training Manager,
Mentor Graphics

“Provided good reference guides for future use. The structure of the class formalized
some things I already do and showed me how to do many things better and different.
The Central NeRV System of selling and the PPP systems are exceptionally beneficial.”
- Anonymous class evaluation,

"The NeRV process and form was very valuable. The class leverages sales skills and
applies them to real life application. The demo portion is very helpful in the setting it's
done in with all participating and providing feedback. Great class, very practical and
applicable to everyday AE experiences."
- Henry Szymanski, AE Manager,
Mentor Graphics

"Learning alternative ways I might sell without requiring an evaluation or benchmark
was extremely valuable. When an evaluation is required, I learned how to better plan
and manage the process to improve our chance of winning."
- Anonymous class evaluation,
Sequence Design

"Thanks for improving my ability to perform my job as a sales AE! You provided a
comprehensive and focused workshop with structured and easy to remember
techniques that I leverage in my daily job. My management has recognized my
contribution to the success of my customers and company. Thank you!"
- George Sarrouh, Lead Application Engineer,
Cadence Design Systems

“Key points are very easy to remember -- e.g. NeRV and PPP.  I can see myself using
that and not easily forgetting about it. Engaging the audience to participate in demos
was very helpful to apply the skills, as was getting the feedback and critiques
- Zainab Al-Shamma,
Sonics Inc.

“I think this course hit the mark on enhancing my ability to give demos!!! All AEs need
to take this class to refresh their skills.”
- Anonymous class evaluation,
Cadence Design Systems

“Rob is a great instructor! His sales skills and demo building workshops were very
effective and I routinely utilize the strategies he taught us. I strongly recommend
them for new hires as well as seasoned veterans looking for a fresh perspective.”
- Eric Mackie, Applications Engineer,
Mentor Graphics

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