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Bottom-Line Training has helped many high technology
companies around the world win more business in less
time and with less cost. We do that by elevating the sales
skills of your most often undervalued, yet critical sales
resource: the customer facing Sales Engineers (SEs)--also
called Applications Engineers, Systems Engineers, Solution
Consultants, etc. Our highly regarded sales and demo
workshops uniquely target the needs of the SE and
are guaranteed to produce results!

Your Sales Engineers have a trust with the customer that is
usually not shared by anyone else at your company. They
are not perceived as the quota chasing sales rep so they
have an immense influence on the results of the sale. They
often spend more face time with your customers than
anyone else at the company. Yet, improving their sales
skills and ability to influence the sale is often neglected.
When was the last time your SEs had sales and demo skills

Having the mind of an engineer, SEs can lose focus on the
big picture and sales can get bogged down in the technical
details. Coming from a sales engineering background
ourselves, we understand the mind of an engineer. As a
result, our training provides a logical framework with easy
to remember and easy to implement concepts ensuring the
skills learned will be applied after they leave the classroom.

Seasoned sales people know that to be a top performer,
you must focus on the customer's needs. Since SEs don't
get the soft skills training and reinforcement they need,
they usually resort to "selling" in their comfort zone by
telling your customers about your products without first
knowing what is important to them. They confuse selling
with telling. How can you possibly influence the customer's
decision making process without knowing what's important
to them? Seasoned sales people know that your prospects
buy for their reasons--not for yours.

Some companies put their SEs through one of the
abundant sales training programs that was designed for
the sales rep. While the SEs might learn some useful
concepts, they usually resort back to their old habits and
dismiss the skills they learned as the sales reps
responsibility and "not my job." Our workshops specifically
and comprehensively address the SEs responsibilities, how
they complement the sales reps role, and leave them with
specific tools to improve how they do
their job.

Our customizable
workshops teach easy to remember and
repeatable techniques that will make your SEs more adept
at the sales tasks they perform on a daily basis: demos,
presentations, benchmarks, evaluation support, discovery,
qualification, and more.  SEs will leave our training with the
tools and skills to execute on what's really important:
improving your company's bottom-line by helping you win
more business while reducing your cost of sales.

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"Thanks for improving my ability
to perform my job as a sales AE!
You provided a comprehensive
and focused workshop with
structured and easy to
remember techniques that I
leverage in my daily job. My
management has recognized my
contribution to the success of my
customers and company. Thank

George Sarrouh,
Lead Application Engineer
Cadence Design Systems
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